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Movie News – Latest movie news from Bollywood, Hollywood, Mollywood – Film awards from all over the world in Kottarakkara media.

A film is additionally called a flick, relocating image, image or photoplay. It is a work of aesthetic art that mimics experiences . This interacts suggestions, stories, understandings, sensations, beauty, or atmosphere via making use of relocating images.

These photos are usually accompanied by audio and, extra hardly ever, other sensory excitements. The word “movie theater”, brief for cinematography, is usually made use of to describe film making and also the movie industry.

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Malikappuram entered the billion club. Unni Mukundan, the hero of the movie, who won the achievement of 100 crores in Malikappuram movie global collection, shared it through social media. The film is still showing to packed houses."Thank you. Happy. Proud. Thank you very much for loving this movie with all your heart. Thank you to all the…